We now ship INTERNATIONAL!! Please inquire for a quote. (440)709-8414
We now ship INTERNATIONAL!! Please inquire for a quote. (440)709-8414
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1953-1955 Ford Panel Delivery Truck / Van Windshield
Pilkington or FYG

1953-1955 Ford Panel Delivery Truck / Van Windshield

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DW 330 GTN Fits 1953-1955 Ford Panel Delivery Truck / Van. OEM quality windshield. See chart below for all vehicles. Feel free to ask any questions.  Picture is for illustration purposes only, you will receive a brand new windshield from inventory. Windshield will have original factory green tint. 

Shipped to a Commercial Address only for $189.00 

What is OEM Glass?
An OEM windshield will be identical to the original, factory installed windshield that came with your car when it was brand new. These windshields may not necessarily be manufactured by the company who made the windshield originally installed on your car, but they are nearly identical in every way. This glass is manufactured according to your car maker’s very specific regulations, and will match your original in size, shape, and color. It’s important to note that these windshields are also certified by the Department of Transportation, so you can be assured of their safety. All OEM distributors contract with one or more of the various car manufacturer's, and that's what qualifies them as an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What is Aftermarket Glass?
Aftermarket glass is manufactured by auto glass companies who don’t contract with specific auto makers. Since these companies are not manufacturing OEM windshields under contract for the auto manufacturer, they don’t have to abide by specific manufacturer guidelines. In fact, due to copyright laws, auto glass companies are actually prohibited from producing windshields that are identical to the factory-installed versions.
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